Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres Wedding: “I’ll love you for eternity.”

March 21, 2021

Faith and Tyler’s jaw-droppingly beautiful wedding reception was held at Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres, the sister venue to The Barn on Enchanted Acres.

Owned by the same family as the barn venue, Bella Amore is my personal favorite. It has a French villa vibe with ornate stonework, a fire pit and a beautiful patio. Inside the venue, guests are immediately greeted with high-pitched ceilings, detailed ironwork and an overall feeling of chic and class. It is an incredible place.

Lights, camera, clouds? The best way to an incredible wedding at Bella Amore on Enchanted Acres

After the wedding day is over, the real work begins. Being a wedding videographer, each and every wedding presents a brand new opportunity to build something from scratch. After hours and hours of editing, it becomes something my clients will cherish forever. Although I approach each wedding film a little bit differently, my creative style in the editing process is to introduce the story with a prologue. The prologue is a 30 to 50 second montage right off the top of the film. It’s at this point where I love to immediately start off with the most powerful video and audio.

Immediately after their golden hour portrait session, I knew I had to include it. When they danced on the clouds for their first dance, I knew I had to include that too.

Never can have too much of a good thing any of my prior clients and they’ll tell you the film I delivered to them was much, much longer than they thought it’d be. That’s because I have the hardest time cutting things out. I am a firm believer in going above and beyond for my clients, even if that creates more work for me in the long run.

One of the challenges in putting Faith and Tyler’s wedding film together was the overabundance of incredible material. From the emotional and authentic personal vows, the hilarious toasts and speeches and the first dance on the clouds, there were A LOT of amazing moments. In addition to watching their wedding film, be sure to check out my blog post and my gallery of their wedding!