Prestwick Country Club Wedding: Ashlyn + Russell

April 11, 2021

Ladies and gents, let me tell you about the awesomeness that was Ashlyn and Russell’s wedding at Prestwick Country Club in early April. Ashlyn and Russell booked me back in 2020 for both photo and video coverage on their wedding day. The two of them met in college. Ashlyn is already a practicing nurse and Russell is already neck deep in medical school with plans on becoming a physician.

Not only are the two of them unquestionably intelligent but spend a few minutes with them and you’ll soon realize that they have hearts of gold. Seriously, some of the nicest people I’ve ever been around.

An afternoon wedding

Ashlyn and Russell proclaimed their love for one another at an early afternoon ceremony at Prestwick Country Club, a beautiful venue that just recently started booking weddings. What I enjoyed most about the venue was how close everything was, including the ceremony space, bridal and groomsmen suites as well as the reception all. Amazingly, they’re all in the same building!

A lunchtime wedding presented a couple of challenges as far as the timeline was concerned, especially considering the fact that there were THREE first looks: Ashlyn and her father; Russell and his mother as well as Ashlyn and Russell. Not only did we pull it off with ease, we even had time to spare!

Surprise, surprise

This Prestwick Country Club wedding had surprise after surprise. Immediately after Ashlyn and Russell said ‘I do’ and after we wrapped up the portrait session, Russell got a call. In something that can only be described as stranger than fiction, a volcano on an island near Saint Lucia grounded all flights to the area just hours before they were to travel there for their honeymoon. For some couples, this development would undoubtedly put a damper on their day. However, Ashlyn and Russell aren’t like most couples. It didn’t shake them one bit. It speaks to them as individuals and as a couple. Devoted to each other, their families and, most importantly, their faith, nothing can break them.

After their first dance came the second big surprise of the night. Back in college, Russell was part of an a capella group, which was one of the many reasons Ashlyn fell in love with him. She was the only one in the room who had no idea what was to happen next: a serenade! Enjoy the rest of the photos and have a great day!