Sim’s Park Photos: A big announcement from a dear friend

January 15, 2021

Getting photos at Sim’s Park in Euclid is one of my favorite past times. Seriously, the place is awesome, even in the winter. One of my most recent sessions, however, was even more special.

First, a disclaimer: Homa is dear, dear friend of mine.

You can imagine my reaction when she texted me in early December about setting up a session for the first couple weeks of January.

It was an easy proposal to say yes to. Knowing that her family comes up to visit in the winter months, I figured it would be a family session. Besides, everyone needs family photos to hang on their walls at home.

I asked if anyone else would be joining her and Dan, her husband. I figured their adorable dog, Queso, would also be there because, well, he’s adorable and so photogenic.

She told me she would be expecting a couple of guests. “Sure, sounds good,” I said. Admittedly, it didn’t quite dawn on me that she was dropping a major hint and it totally went over my head.

Then, without warning, she texted me a black and white photo.

It’s a good thing I don’t check my phone while I’m driving otherwise I would have careened right into a guardrail. I have no doubt about it.

She sent me her ultrasound photos.

Then, it really dawned on me.


At that point, I’m sure I texted back some incoherent string of letters, numbers and emojis because I was just so excited. Without going into too much detail, she and her husband have waited for this day for a long, long time. To have this day finally come, I am beyond elated for them.

As I was editing their photos from their sun-filled session at Sim’s Park in Euclid (a rarity in mid-January), the thought struck me.

I am so damn lucky to be able to provide this service for them. For anyone, really.

It’s a privilege.

Whether its weddings, maternity or family sessions, it is such an honor to capture these all-important moments in life. There’s really no other way to describe it. It’s a privilege. We also managed to get some sun-filled time at Bain Park in Fairview Park, a place I had never been.

Sure, sometimes I’ll get caught up in schedules, invoices, contracts and online galleries — I am human after all. But I am just so fortunate to have these moments of clarity — and dear friends — to remind me of why I do this.

I love it.